Thursday, May 12, 2011

time to catch up

Wow it is has been so long. Time seems to get away from you sometimes. We are trying to get Tyler ( our 2nd son) graduated from High school. HE is of the opinion that homework is not important, therefore leading to not such good grades. Unfortunately for him, the school system does think it is important and therefore requires him to pass government , English and Math. Imagine that. Anyway ... I will just need to keep highlighting my hair to mask all the grey I am gaining. I still have FOUR more to go after him. Goodness!

Tyler has been accepted into SUU and as long as he graduates, will be able to go in the fall to further is education.

Our two little friends went to their grandmas, and we are taking a break from Fostering right now, to be able to focus more time on our family. I have realized that I am not wonderwoman, and was losing myself to all of the craziness of kids, and visits, and paperwork, and Association business etc.

Being a foster family is very rewarding, but is also a bit overwhelming at times.
Serra and Abi deserve to have their mommy and daddy's full attention to get them through some difficult times.

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